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4 Channel Box Receiver

he Wise Box Receiver will control your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc. Once programmed, place the indoor wireless switch in a suitable location and the installation is complete. Enjoy switching your circuits from anywhere in your garden or home with the remote control.


The WiseBox receiver is rated IP54. This allows them to be fitted inside your home or outside in your garden. The receivers are designed to be simple to install, easy to use and most importantly, reliable.

The WiseBox Kit has a receiver that has four 10 amp circuits with a maximum amperage of 20 amps. The WiseBox kit has a 200 metre range. These circuits can be changed from switching to an open circuit. Each circuit on the WiseBox is fused individually with a 10 amp fuse to protect all the circuits.

The WiseBox has many features, The dip switch panel allows you to change each circuit individually from switching on/off to an open circuit. This feature is used when you require push-to-make operation. Just change the dip switch accordingly.

You can program any 2, 4 or 7 button switch to turn on/off all circuits, so, as you leave your house you can just press one button to turn all your lights off.

Wise Switches / Remotes

The keyfob and the wall switch sold separately both have four buttons. Once you have programmed the button of your choice to link with a channel, that button will switch the channels circuit on / off. You can add additional switches and remotes to a WiseBox if you wish, up to a maximum of 16.

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